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Inner Mongolia super-large natural gas storage is completed and put into operation
Release time:2022-7-29

A key national oil and gas infrastructure project, Changqing Oilfield Sudong 39-61 gas storage was officially completed and put into production. The newly built and put into production Changqing Oilfield Sudong 39-61 gas storage is located in Wulan Taolgai Town, Wushen Banner, Inner Mongolia. This gas storage co-built with the Sulige gas field has a designed storage capacity of 2.23 billion cubic meters and a designed working gas volume of 1.08 billion cubic meters, which can give full play to the advantages of peak shaving. Chang Hong, deputy director of the fifth gas production plant of PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Branch, said that by the winter peak in 2022, Changqing Oilfield's Sudong 39-61 gas storage can add 3.5 million cubic meters of natural gas in a single day, reaching the capacity of After production, 12 million cubic meters of natural gas can be added every day. Based on an average daily gas consumption of 1 cubic meter for a family of three in winter, the gas storage can guarantee the gas consumption of 100 million households for 10 consecutive days.