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my country's natural gas east-west main pipeline network and north-south supply routes are fully connected
Release time:2022-6-24

On May 25, the key national oil and natural gas infrastructure project—the connection project between the Qingning Pipeline Terminal Station and the West-East Gas Pipeline Qingshan Station was completed and put into operation, realizing the comprehensive connection of my country’s east-west main pipeline network and north-south supply routes, marking the The reliability of the natural gas transmission system in the Yangtze River Delta region of my country has been improved again, which has greatly enhanced the mutual guarantee and supply of natural gas resources in the two economic regions of the Bohai Rim and the Yangtze River Delta.

The project starts from the Nanjing terminal of the Qingning Pipeline in the south and ends at Qingshan Station of the first line of the West-East Gas Pipeline in the north. The pipeline is 900 meters long, 1016 mm in diameter, 10 MPa in design pressure, and 12 billion cubic meters per year. After being put into operation, Qingshan Station of the first line of the West-East Gas Pipeline is fully connected with the Nanjing end station of the Qingning-Nanjing Gas Pipeline. On the basis of the interconnection of the last stations, a "triangular support" for mutual transfer between the West-East Gas Pipeline, Sichuan-East Gas Transmission and Qingning-Ningxia Pipeline has been formed, as well as the supply of mutual guarantees between onshore natural gas resources and overseas liquefied natural gas resources. At the same time, it can give full play to the advantages of the pipeline network in the Yangtze River Delta and North China and the emergency peak regulation function of the surrounding gas storage, improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency of natural gas in the region, and further enhance the natural gas Supply guarantee capability is of great significance to helping the central and eastern regions of my country achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality development goals better and faster.

The project officially started construction on February 25, 2022, and it took 90 days to be fully completed and put into production. During the construction period, the National Pipeline Network Group thoroughly implemented the new energy security strategy of General Secretary Xi Jinping's "Four Revolutions and One Cooperation", fully implemented the management concept of "Integration of Construction and Management", and focused on the construction of "safe pipelines, green pipelines, development pipelines and friendship." Pipeline” goal, coordinated the promotion of epidemic prevention and control and project construction, made every effort to overcome difficulties such as complex underground pipelines and short construction period, and reduced the impact on the surrounding environment through construction methods such as pipe jacking and crossing, and completed the project with high level, high quality and high efficiency. Construction and production goals.