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Congratulations on the successful closing of 2021 China (Zibo) International Chemical Technology Expo
Release time:2021-5-21

It is reported that on the afternoon of May 15th, the 2021 Fifth China (Zibo) Chemical Technology Expo was successfully concluded at Zibo International Convention and Exhibition Center. Professional audiences, experts, and media from all over the country gathered in Zibo to witness the huge development opportunities under the "double cycle" pattern.


Under the background of "double cycle", the demand for insight into new technologies, new industries and new business forms has soared. The fifth China (Zibo) Chemical Technology Expo in 2021 restarts the engine of scale growth and establishes it as China's leading chemical technology exhibition and exchange The status of the platform: This exhibition has a total of 617 exhibitors with an exhibition area of 55,000 square meters, attracting more than 60,000 visitors from the industry.

This exhibition has been recognized by colleagues in the industry. The big booths on the scene are full of markets, new products and new technologies are emerging one after another, and the scene is very popular! The exhibition attracted many professional visitors to visit and negotiate cooperation, and jointly performed a new transaction feast! It provides a platform for exhibitors to connect upstream and downstream industries, complement each other's product advantages, and share manufacturer resources. The joy of the transaction made us feel the same, and it was the joy of both buyers and sellers that contributed to this grand gathering of exploring new opportunities for industrial development and discussing exchanges.