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Maintenance method of condensing boiler
Release time:2021-12-3

1、 Before starting the condensing boiler, it is necessary to check whether the pressure gauge and temperature gauge display normally. If any problem is found, it needs to be repaired in time. This must not be ignored. Of course, it is necessary to carefully check whether there is water leakage in the pipeline and whether there is abnormal noise in each water pump. If there is any problem, At this time, the condensing boiler cannot be started.

2、 Before starting up, great attention should also be paid to the maintenance of the equipment. For example, it is necessary to check whether the circulating water in the make-up water tank and the primary system of the boiler is sufficient. If there is a lack or accidentally discharged after heating, it is necessary to contact the after-sales service personnel of the condensing boiler. In addition, if impurities are found in the condensate drain pipe of the boiler, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Of course, the condensate boiler body, pipeline and end equipment also need to be carefully inspected to see whether the problems occurred during the previous heating period have been solved, so that targeted inspection can ensure safety to a great extent.

3、 If the preparations before startup are completed, then after the normal operation of the condensing boiler, you also need to ask relevant personnel to do a good job in daily patrol inspection. If there are problems during operation, you still need to contact professional maintenance personnel.