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Shandong large hydrogen fuel cell hydrogen supply project completed
Release time:2021-11-12

It is reported that recently, Qingdao hydrogen energy resource base project, a large hydrogen fuel cell hydrogen supply project in Shandong Province undertaken by Qingdao refining and chemical company affiliated to Sinopec, was completed. The project has an annual hydrogen production capacity of 2250 tons and is expected to be put into operation by the end of December this year. After putting into operation, it will completely solve the problem of hydrogen source for fuel cells in Qingdao, effectively improve the hydrogen production and supply capacity of Shandong Province, promote the rapid development of hydrogen energy industry in Shandong, and help build "Oriental hydrogen island".

Qingdao hydrogen energy resource base project is a major demonstration pilot project of hydrogen energy in the "14th five year plan" of Shandong Province, with a total investment of nearly 47 million yuan. It is composed of a hydrogen purification unit with a design scale of 3000 standard cubic meters / hour and a hydrogen filling station with a design scale of 1500 standard cubic meters / hour. The construction was started in July this year. The project is constructed with patented technology independently developed by Sinopec, which has the advantages of small floor area and low power consumption. At present, the project has entered the production preparation stage such as single machine commissioning. It is reported that the construction of phase II of the project is also stepping up. It is expected that the annual hydrogen production capacity will reach 4500 tons in 2023, which will meet the hydrogen supply demand of all hydrogenation stations planned to be built during the 14th Five Year Plan period of Qingdao.

Sinopec is a large hydrogen production enterprise in China. At present, the annual hydrogen production capacity exceeds 3.9 million tons, accounting for about 11% of the national hydrogen production. Seven hydrogen purification units have been built in Yanshan Petrochemical, Guangzhou Petrochemical and other enterprises, and 31 hydrogenation stations have been built in 17 provinces, regions and cities such as Guangdong and Zhejiang. Sinopec will continue to increase investment in hydrogen energy, accelerate energy transformation and industrial upgrading, comprehensively promote the construction of the whole hydrogen energy industry chain, plan to build 1000 hydrogen stations during the 14th Five Year Plan period, strive to build China's first hydrogen energy company and lead the high-quality development of China's hydrogen energy industry.