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Michelson innovated and upgraded the actuator to make each pipeline run more safely
Release time:2021-7-9

The automatic adjustment system of the industrial production process is generally composed of a detector, a regulating valve, an actuator and an adjustment object, and the actuator is an indispensable and important part of it. As the terminal product in the industrial process control system, it plays an irreplaceable role for other products in the automatic control system. From the perspective of the industry, the development speed of the implementation of electric control valves in my country lags behind other control instruments. However, this phenomenon is being changed.

Not long ago, China Machinery Industry Federation and China General Machinery Industry Association held a product appraisal of "Hydraulic Actuator for Tank Root Valve and Electro-hydraulic Actuator for 600,000 Nm" developed by Chengdu Microsen Fluid Control Equipment Co., Ltd. in Chengdu. Yes, two products have passed the product appraisal. The expert committee finally formed a unanimous appraisal opinion on the product: the product has filled the domestic gap, reached the international advanced level, and can be promoted and used to provide strong support for the continuous promotion of the construction and development of pipeline safety projects in my country.

As one of the drafting units of the national industry standards for gas-liquid executive agencies, Michelson attaches great importance to innovative R&D and technology protection, and continues to "test the water" in depth to find breakthroughs in innovative technologies. "The main transmission structure of the 600,000 Nm electro-hydraulic actuator adopts a dual-direction stabilization design. It is an upgraded product of an ordinary fork-type actuator. It is also a parallel, dual-direction gas-liquid linkage actuator with an output torque of 600,000 Nm. To a certain extent, it has completely changed the transmission and force conditions of ordinary traditional actuators, and has significantly improved safety, reliability, stability, and transmission efficiency." said Wang Zhengquan, general manager of Chengdu Microsen Company, in the high and low pressure pneumatic, In the field of intelligent high-end actuators such as gas-liquid linkage, there is basically no new type of actuator with an output torque exceeding 600,000 Nm at home and abroad. According to reports, the Lanzhou Oil and Gas Transmission Branch of the National Pipeline Southwest Pipeline Co., Ltd. has put into use 48 sets of the company's electro-hydraulic (hydraulic) actuators, and the actuators are operating well during use.

Relying on the strength of scientific research and innovation, the company has independently innovated products, breaking the long-term monopoly of a few foreign manufacturers, and creatively developed a series of world-advanced parallel double-directional shift fork gearboxes, supporting control components, and functional modules. Actuator products. Wang Zhengquan said: “The new actuator can effectively reduce engineering costs, shorten the construction period, safely replace similar imported products, reduce engineering expenditures, and bring profits.” As of June this year, Michaelson has accumulated sales of parallel and dual-oriented series. More than 1,000 actuators; serving domestic and foreign gas-liquid linkage executionMore than 1,500 units have served more than 10,000 units of various actuators.

At present, customers using Michelson actuators are all over the country. For pipelines, especially long-distance pipelines, the value of actuators cannot be underestimated. Innovation is based on improving the convenience, safety and efficiency of operation. For example, in the absence of any power source, the operator can have more positions, directions, and space to facilitate the on-site hydraulic manual switch of the valve when installing and debugging the product in a small space.