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Fully automatic backwashing sewage filter
Product model: YPG
Nominal diameter: DN40~1000mm
Nominal pressure: PN1.0~ 1.6mpa
Applicable medium: water and liquid
Applicable temperature: ≤180℃
Operating temperature: normal temperature
Connection type: flange
Main material: stainless steel
Product details

Product overview

YPG automatic backwashing sewage filter has the advantages of small size, large filtration capacity, no space, convenient operation and management.It can remove all kinds of impurities in the medium, and can be used for the pretreatment of raw water in domestic drinking water plants, the treatment of industrial water, the pretreatment and final treatment of domestic water, and the recycling of useful substances in industrial wastewater.

Structure form

YPG fully automatic backwash sewage filter is composed of shell, stainless steel filter drum net, impurity collection section, impurity discharge outlet and flow diversion valve.According to the installation type and the different direction of water flow is divided into straight - through type and right - Angle type.

Product features and installation

1. Automatic backwashing sewage filter is easy to operate and manage, with high filtration speed, simple and reliable washing, and strong backwashing ability.

2. timing or differential pressure control, can be fully automatic filter sewage cleaning, and ensure the efficient use of filters.

3. The control box is provided with the indication of filter working state, cleaning state and fault state, as well as the output of corresponding signal, which is easy to operate.

4. The washing and backwashing time can be adjusted, and the sewage discharge is less than 10% of the normal working flow.

5. Install kl-zpw automatic backwashing sewage filter.

6. The control box shall be installed in the control room or near the filter.

7. Wiring shall be conducted according to the wiring terminal label and wiring diagram marked by the control box.Make sure the grounding wire is properly grounded to ensure safety.

Technical parameters

Filter size: DN40 ~ 80 1.6mm

2.0 mm DN100 ~ 600

DN700 ~ 1000 3.0mm (also according to user requirements)

Working pressure: DN<600 1.6MPa DN>600 1.0 MPa

Medium: water and liquid

Temperature range: ≤180℃

Power supply of electric actuator: AC380V, AC220V/50HZ

Flow rate: 15m3/h ~ 7900m3/h

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